Wysa is a chatbot, which you can chat with about your emotions and mental difficulties. Wysa is able to respond to what you write and will try to help you with your difficulties. Wysa uses   practices which involves Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and yoga. Wysa can help you with difficulties, such as depression, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, low self-esteem and a broad range of other mental difficulties. It is an artificial intelligence that responds, and this means Wysa is always available, and responds instantly. If you wake up at night and want to talk to someone, Wysa might be able to help you.

Wysa has a lot of different exercises, designed to help with your difficulties. Some of the exercises focus on sleep difficulties or low mood. When you have been chatting with Wysa for some time, it is able to understand which kind of difficulties you have and will suggest specific exercises to you.


Nice to know:

it’s a good idea to set up a pin code in the beginning. This can improve the safety of your data, and ensure that nobody else is able to see what you write about with Wysa.If you have severe mental problems it is important that you seek professional help Wysa is only a Chatbot and should only be seen as support to regular treatment


  • Wysa can understand, and help with specific emotional content.
  • Wysa can help you with a variety of mental difficulties.
  • Wysa adapts exercises to your needs.
  • Wysa is easy to learn to use.


  • Wysa can at times be a bit robotic, it responds really quickly which at times can feel a bit confusing.
  • It does not always address what you write, which indicates that it might not have understood what you wrote properly.
  • Wysa is only available in English.


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Technical information


The chatbot Where you can write with Wysa. It is also here that Wysa can recommend specific exercises.

TOOLS Can be used to see which exercises there are available. If you click on a specific exercise, you will get information about the exercise and the evidence behind.

SESSIONS You can save sessions that you have had with Wysa, and read what you earlier have been writing about. You are also able to delete specific messages.

Save You are able to save sessions whenever you want, and you can also give them names which helps you organize your sessions.

MORE Is in the upper right corner. Here’s an FAQ, which might help you understand Wysa and answer some of your questions. You can report feedback if you locate any bugs or things that might need changing.

Settings You will find I the upper right corner. In settings you can set a pin code, or delete your data. We advise you to set a pin code, as this improves the safety of your data.



Wysa is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, and Dialectical behavior therapy, additionally Wysa uses Mindfulness, breathing exercises, yoga. All methods Wysa uses is evidence-based with references inside the app.

Target group

Wysa is targeted people with depression, social problems, loss, low self-esteem, and problems in the school or workplace. Wysa is able to help with a variety of mental difficulties. If you have severe mental problems it is important that you seek professional help. Wysa is only a Chatbot and should only be seen as support to regular treatment. Wysa is only available in English and requires that you are able to read and write in English. Wysa is targeted the age group between 15 to 25 years old.

Developer and development partnerships

Wysa is developed by Touchkin eServices which is a private company that is located in Bangalore and London. The founders are Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati, and the company specializes in healthcare technologies.

Data and safety

Wysa meets the data security requirements. We advise that you use a pin code, for extra safety.

Clinical effect

There are no scientific studies on the effect of Wysa itself. But it uses a lot of exercises which is evidence-based.

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