Privacy policy and cookies uses cookies. This means that you are leaving electronic traces when you visit the site. Here you can read about the traces you leave on This means, among other, that we can see that your computer has been visiting the site before, but we are not able to identify you.

The data we collect gives os information about:

  • Which pages om you visit.
  • For how long you are on
  • Which browser you use.
  • If you visit from a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • If you are directed through a link ex. Facebook.
  • We use cookies, which is the best known electronic trace.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, that stores on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other types of device you use to browse Specific cookies make it possible for us to recognize the device you use, but we are never able to identify you.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website, by optimizing based on the data cookies give us. When we, for example, receive data on the number of visitors using our statistics tool Siteimprove, we can use this data to determine how people use

Another example could be that cookies tell us that you already clicked ‘ok’ for us to collect cookies, which means that in the future you will not receive pop-ups about cookies.    


How to delete or block cookies

You are always able to delete cookies from your device or completely block them. How you do this, and what this does for your experience using the internet can be read about here.

If you choose to block cookies, you risk that might not function optimally for you.


Which cookies do we use?

Siteimprove uses cookies from Siteimprove to measure traffic on the website.


What we can’t do with cookies?

The way we use cookies means that we can see how you and other uses, but we are not able to tell who you are. We can see how many visits, there is on a specific page, but we can not tell if you visited a specific page.


What data do we collect and how do we use it? only collects and stores e-mail and other information if we directly ask for it. This is done exclusively if you sign up for our newsletter. If you wish to unsubscribe the newsletter, we will delete your data from our system.

We only use data and cookies to improve, and your experience on the website. Data, cookies or personal information is never given to any third party.        

If you are uncertain or believe that we do not use your personal information properly, you are very welcome to contact us.


Contact us about personal information or cookies

If you have any questions regarding the security and safety of information, including cookies and personal information, you are welcome to send us a mail at

You will always have the possibility of access to insight, in which information we have stored about you or your device, and you can always make objections against the registration of data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Protection of personal information

According to  General Data Protection Regulation personal information has to be stored   and securely. store personal information on computers which have limited access, which is located in controlled facilities. Our data security is being checked continuously to ensure the safety, and that personal information is being handled with confidentiality, and that it lives up to your rights as a user.

We can not guarantee a 100% safety when data is transmitted through the internet. This means that there is a chance for others to forcefully gain access to information, when data is transferred and stored electronically. Submitting your data is thus on your own responsibility. Personal information is being deleted or anonymized continually as its purpose for which they were collected, has been fulfilled.

The internet’s fast development means that reserves the rights to make ongoing changes to the processing of personal data. This includes updates and changes in the guidelines of processing of personal data. The latest changes in guidelines can be seen under “latest updated” at the bottom of this page. In case of significant changes, you will be informed via a visible message on the website.

According to General Data Protection Regulation you have the right to get insight, in which personal information that can be traced back to you. If it appears that the information or data processed about you is incorrect or misleading, you have the right to require this corrected, deleted or blocked. You can at any moment objectify against processing of your personal data. You can also at any moment revoke your consent. You have the opportunity to complain about the processing of information, and this complaint can be sent to The Data Protection Agency.

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