What is The App Checker?

What is The App Checker?

The App Checker can help you assess data security, privacy and quality in apps for mental health. The App Checker consists of a series of questions, covering data security and privacy, background information, clinical quality, functionality and ease of use.

The App Checker is for therapists, users and developers. Therapists and users can get help choosing the right app and assess the app’s privacy and quality. Developers can use the App Checker to qualify readiness of  their apps.

The App Checker is developed and adapted through pilot tests in collaboration with therapists and patients in the Psychiatry of Southern Denmark. It is based on the requirements of the Psychiatry in The Region of Southern Denmark, in order to recommend a given app. The App Checker will continuously be adapted to national and European requirements for quality and safety.

The App Checker is developed with inspiration from other tools and guidelines for assessment of data security, privacy and quality in apps:


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