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What apps are assessed on

At MindApps you will find apps for mental health. All apps on are available in the app stores and comply with data security, privacy and clinical quality requirements set by EU standards.


Our reviewing process

MindApps quality assessment are based on The App Checker and a review process where at least two independent therapists and a data security expert from Centre for Telepsychiatry review the app. The result is a score and a report where you can read more about the app. Only apps that meet basic requirements for quality and data security are assessed on MindApps. If the app have minor security problems, such as no password, it will appear in the app report in the “need to know” section in an app review

How does the scoring system work?

Reviewed apps get a score from 0.0 to 3 stars. The score is an average of the points the therapists have given on the basis of The App Checkers 12 questions. The score can’t stand alone, and must be seen in context with the rest of the assessment. For example, an app can have excellent background information, clinical quality and design, but if there are some features missing, it will not get 3 stars.

3.0 is given to a completely flawless, well-designed and well-written app that is developed with users and has good documentation for effect.

2.0 is given to an app with good background information, clinical quality, functionality and design.

1.0 is given to an app that has some useful features but is lacking at a level that has a negative effect on the use of the app. You will not find apps with a score lower than 1.5 on

Collaboration with patients and therapists

MindApps collaborates with patients and therapists in developing as well as reviews of apps. We conduct ongoing workshops with patients and therapists for further development of and app screenings.

At MindApps, we value cooperation with patients and therapists highly, as it makes a big difference to the quality of the reviews and the website.


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