This disclaimer includes the information on MindApps.dk. By visiting and using the service provided on MindApps.dk you agree to this disclaimer.

All apps on MindApps.dk have been through a thorough screening process in the The App Checker.

The App Checker is developed by MindApps.dk based on national and European standards for data security and privacy. All applications are assessed based on testing in clinical practice. MindApps.dk aims for all information to be correct and updated, as well as any errors are corrected continuously. However, It is always at your own risk if an app is used in treatment.

MindApps.dk disclaims any responsibility for damages directly or indirectly caused by apps or information given on MindApps.dk. MindApps.dk emphasizes that apps, advice and information on the website can not directly replace medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, MindApps.dk can not guarantee the website or the screened apps accuracy, integrity, actuality, method, or suitability for a particular purpose. No responsibility is taken for views, advice, recommendations or opinions communicated in the various apps.


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